ON THE WING has been completed!
During summer, we will await word 
from a number of Festivals 
to which we have submitted. 
Stay tuned here for the latest news!


Other Projects

In addition to On The Wing, I have several other projects in various states of development...

All Aboard

The Birthday Train! 

Check out the Birthday Train APP at the App Store for your iPad. Your child can color the pictures, make  puzzles from the illustrations, and have the book read to him or her by the author and Tae Casagrande (age 6)! You can even record your own voice reading the book! All for $1.99!


My first children's picture book, The Birthday Train, is now available on  AuthorhouseAmazon, andBarnes and Noble


Inspired several years ago by my then three year old son's question, just prior to his birthday, "If my birthday is coming soon, how will it get here?" The Birthday Train follows the magical imaginings of Sammy and his Daddy through the myriad ways a birthday might arrive.

Among Shrubs and Ivy


My first play, a one-act entitled Among Shrubs and Ivy, played at Silver Spring Stage as part of SSS's 2011 One Act Festival. I am happy to say that the show went over very well, due in great part to a talented cast and great directing by Amy Sullivan. 


Among Shrubs & Ivy tells of the relationship between two men of different generations who uncover a special bond deeper than either had ever imagined or even sought. A twenty-five minute show that unfolds over the course of six years at a rustic campground, Among Shrubs & Ivy proved both funny and touching in its first run. If you are interested in bringing this play to your theater, please contact me.




A Bartender Named Jesus

In my second one-act play, a tourist at a beachside Mexican resort finds more than he planned when he is served up margaritas and chips by a 33 year old bartender named Jesus.


Please contact me if you'd like to bring it to your stage!

The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den is a new screenplay based on the true story of a civil rights activist who leads a double life in New York city's underworld of illegal gambling in the 1960s.

Keep Leaping

Ever since Oedipus and Hamlet, father-son issues have been a mainstay of dramatic theater. And, since Othello, race has been at the forefront as well. Keep Leaping is a drama that explores both of these themes as well as those of redemption and trust.


Simon Cage is  suburban husband and father, sunk in the depths of a mid-life crisis. When he encounters Michael Jackson (no relation), a black man threatened at knife point in a parking garage stairwell, and takes bold action to save his life, he sets off a relationship that will change everything he thinks he knows about trust, friendship and fatherhood.


The action of the drama swirls around Simon; his loving but unfulfilled wife, Annie; a mysterious old friend of his father, Scott Anderson; his teenage son, Frasier; his doting secretary, Denise; and, of course, the homeless and charismatic Michael.