ON THE WING has been completed!
During summer, we will await word 
from a number of Festivals 
to which we have submitted. 
Stay tuned here for the latest news!


A bit about me...

After 20+ years of relegating writing to the status of hobby while I pursued a career in non-profit work, economic development, and small business, I dedicated myself in late 2009 to writing full time. While I have experimented with the novel format in the past, currently I am drawn to writing screenplays and stageplays, preferring their concise formats and their demand that the writer tell a story in present tense. And now, with two screenplays having spewed forth from my printer, I am looking into self-producing one or both films.

For my writing, I draw upon my own experience and my imagination. Emerson said a preacher's job is to share "his life passed through the fire of thought." I suppose a story-teller's job is to share his experience, embellished by his imagination, and passed through the fire of thought. In that way, we create stories that are meaningful, interesting, and true despite their fiction.

My greatest passion is my family. I am lucky enough to have a fantastic and supportive wife, Tara, and three beautiful children. They inspire me each day.

Just three kids? Or three sources of divine inspiration?
Beside every successful man stands, or in this case dances, a great woman. Couldn't do this without her.